There is a freedom that comes with growing up as the only girl in the house. I didn’t have to share clothes, take turns with the girl toys, or wait for my sister to hang out with me when she moved up to high school. Having brothers is different, but we still did plenty of playing together. We all had legos (mine were the pink ones) and the GI Joes were right next to the Barbies some days.

But we did have a sister. We just never knew her. She passed away as a toddler before we came along. We’ve heard stories. We’ve seen pictures.

The things I couldn’t do with my sister are some of the things I’ve wished for. Like sharing clothes and having that big sister to talk with late at night when our parents have gone to bed.

One time I was overly excited to let my friend borrow clothes. Somehow she could squeeze into my smaller sized items and I thought that was fun.

As an adult, I’ve wondered even more, what would it be like to have her around?

I have to imagine it would be just like having a dear friend in your life…that person who knows you, knows your weaknesses, encourages your strengths, pushes you to be braver, pulls you into great adventures, and loves you all the time.

My sister may have gone before us, but one day we will see her.

And over the years, I’ve often thought of my friends as sisters. They know me. They walk through life with me. They fill a kind of hole where my sister would have been. And they become a part of our family.


This is a Five Minute Friday post and part of my #write31days series on FREEdom.

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