I’m starting to embrace this challenge. I wondered if I’d post everyday or group the writing into longer pieces less often for the blog. So far it is working. I’m writing freely and freely letting my thoughts wander. I still don’t know exactly where we are going, but isn’t that part of freedom? To enjoy the journey and see where we end up?

The time in between is probably the more important part. That’s when I’m choosing to not just write daily, but to share it with you guys. We may go a little deeper some days. And along the way I will embrace more courage, more focus, more freedom.

Telling these stories is also helping me to embrace who I am. To understand how God sees me. To know where I’ve been so I can walk less in fear and more in trust.

That battle to be afraid of things in the future can lurk in the background of my mind. Because we don’t know what’s coming.

My body is physically limited. However, just like everyone else, I can’t see far down the road. I may want to. I may wonder. But it doesn’t help me to live today if my perspective is stuck trying to unravel something that isn’t even here yet.

What good is that worry in the right now?

It’s probably distracting me from living well in the day before me. It’s keeping me from paying attention to the people I love. It’s making me forget, “God’s got it”, as we teach the kids at church.

Whatever it is, God has a plan. We can rest. We can follow the path He shows us, so often one step at a time. We can embrace the now while we wait for the not yet.

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