When I first think of the word brave, I think of heroes in action films or characters that travel on grand adventures and make it to the end of their journey. I think of people in the news that rescue others from a natural disaster or others who decide to move to third world countries to love and serve people there.

But every day requires a degree of bravery. I have to listen to the promptings from God and do things I may hesitate to do.

Like writing. Again I’m reminded of how I need to be brave to keep writing and eventually I’ll see where I am going.

Being brave in the moment of now allows me to live more abundantly and the journey can always change. I may head in one direction for a year or two and find out my focus should be elsewhere.

Being brave allows me to not be frustrated if and when this happens. I have to grow, I have to change constantly with life. And part of growing is holding on to bravery and being willing to try the paths along the side.

Why not? I do love a good dose of adventure. So I will be brave and I will take the road less traveled.

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