A change of scenery. A break in the rhythm of daily life.

I was reminded last week how good it is to change our normal routine every so often. This time my parents and I were able to go to the beach for a few days. Vacations take work to prepare, pack, plan meals, and drive the distance. And you often don’t sleep as well, but there is a kind of rest when you are away from home.

It is refreshing to leave everything else behind for a short time and wake up to space in your day for…reading as long as you’d like…for chatting with cousins you haven’t seen since Christmas…for sitting in the sand or standing in the surf until you decide it’s time to eat lunch.

We can’t always go somewhere when we need this kind of break. There are ways to find a change, even at home. We can set aside a little more time on a Sunday afternoon to pick up a book you’ve been waiting to read.

Or return to the computer to release more words than you thought you could type onto the next blank page.

Release those thoughts and make room for more words to come another day.

When my words get lost or muddied in the mess of life, I know it’s time for another change. Sometimes that means taking my writing to the beach. Most of the time it means I need to walk into another room.


It has been a long time since I joined the Five Minute Friday community. Enjoy some of my other posts!

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