I’m not even sure how to begin a post today. I have many thoughts running through my head, too many to capture in five minutes…

Today I woke up to a new decade. Today I begin year 30. I wanted to delay this milestone for as long as I could, but birthdays still come every year. And this one felt like a big one, one I wasn’t ready to face.

Of course I’ve known this day was coming. People have told me how great their 30s are or were, and I believe them. But there is a sense of leaving something behind. I’m saying goodbye to a decade full of adventures, joy, struggles, changes. I’m closing the decade that started with college and learning to be an adult. So much growth has happened and I have discovered a lot in the midst of all the experiences ten years can bring.

I still have dreams for this new decade and I wonder what I will find around this next corner…

One thing I know – writing isn’t going anywhere. So bring on the thirties! I’m ready to process my thoughts and write my way into a new season.

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