The piles take over. The books stack up. The scrapbooks stay on the shelf, unfinished. The sewing machine waits to feel the love of hands on fabric again.

Notebooks sit on the writing table, empty or half-used. Words hang on the edge, ready to be strung together and brought to life. Thoughts run through the brain. Eyes scan and the mind takes everything in. Every single thing.

And the heart? The heart is easily overwhelmed. Distracted. Tired. Tired of all the pieces and projects being undone.

Where does one begin? How can any real focus be found?

Slowly order is restored to every corner. The desk, the bookcase, the writing corner, the sewing nook, the coffee table. Any little space.

Creativity returns. Piles removed. Projects reconsidered or restarted. Inspiration rediscovered.

And words fill another page.

Heart refreshed and ready to continue.


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