I pulled out a piece of paper, the kind with blue lines. I knew this is what I needed to do because my normal methods for getting back into the flow of writing were not working.

Sure, I’ve been journaling every day. That was one of my goals for the new year. So I put something in my notebook, a sentence, a paragraph, reflections on current life and sometimes I will write long enough to mention my frustrations or fears.

But lately I knew I had been avoiding some things. Avoiding. Delaying. Procrastinating. Doing all the other tasks, except stand at my desk and look at my words as I push them out. Because these words needed a good push. I would have to dig deep and clean out some corners of my heart. Not just dig and clean to be done, but to write the hard stuff and process a piece of my journey.

It’s the kind of writing that could take a while, especially when I put it off for months. I tried to begin more than once. I opened my journal. Nothing. I went to my favorite Panera. A paragraph formed on my computer screen. I thought that meant it would be easy to keep going in my own room. Nope. I returned to Panera and only felt like reading that day.

Oh, the battle. Resistance is real and I’m still learning the best way(s) to fight it.

What do you do? How do you keep writing?

This is part of the Five Minute Friday community. It has been too long, but I’m making my way back to the blog (finally, right?!).

I’ll be sharing more thoughts on Wednesday as I continue the story of what and who inspired me recently.

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