Well, friends, I didn’t want to write a post today. It’s the first time during this challenge that I really thought about skipping. I’m tired and my brain feels foggy. It’s not from the weather because it was bright and sunny. I decided over the weekend that I wasn’t going anywhere on Monday (today). And not planning any major tasks.

I needed a slow day to rest again. I’m catching up from last week when the days were too full in a way. I didn’t mean to have a crazy, non-stop week. It just happened that everything felt jammed into a few days. Between work events and social gatherings, I was on the go.

Eventually I run out of energy and the power to push through. I made it the past couple of days with the help of a little coffee. I enjoyed that brief boost.

Today’s the day I could tell I was done. I woke up discombobulated and disconnected. A sign I haven’t fully honored the space I need.

That’s all I could think of when I checked on the word for today: honor.

I can’t do everything for everyone. I can’t even do all things I want to do in a day. I have my limits and my range of energy flow is shorter than it used to be.

When I was surviving the busyness last week, I wasn’t paying attention to my need for more sleep. I actually stayed up a little later some nights because it felt good to lay on the couch and do nothing. And I didn’t take the extra time to keep things from piling up on my desk or in the other areas I use around the house. I’m not sharing this to be self-critical, but I know my weaknesses.

If I don’t care for myself physically, the things around me suffer to a degree. My mind loses focus. My heart gets distracted. This feeling of not being able to keep up grows.

Then I pause. Make myself write this post. Honor the space you need…

That includes your environment. Carve out time to pursue your passions, to practice the things you love. Honor the space you need to share your gifts with those around you.

We all have gifts. It can be as simple as sharing your life and sharing your story with the person you work with. The friend you invite to the dinner table. The family who probably knows you best and can tell when you need space.

Take it, friends. Honor the space you need. And rest, for a new day is coming.

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