Can you believe another month is ending soon? And I’ve been blogging every single day?

I didn’t have it in me this time last year. I quit before I started. So glad I finally decided to jump all in and get lost in a sea of words.

When I’m writing, I do get lost in a way. Lost in my thoughts and lost in the action of typing out the words. I forget about the other tasks and train myself to focus even more. Focus on the story at hand. See where it leads. Back and forth. Ponder. Type. Pause. Type.

I don’t always know where I’m going because the writing does a kind of digging.

The digging that happens in writing is like a decluttering of the heart and mind. It sorts out my thoughts. It uncovers the stories and the emotions. It frees me to live more fully in the now and turn those moments into more stories to share.

We’ve been looking at freedom the whole month and that has shown itself in multiple ways. (you can see a summary of the posts here.)

As October comes to an end, I have freedom to decide what to do next on the blog. I won’t be posting daily. It’s time to slow down so I can make room for other tasks I’ve delayed…like the sorting of the books. That was a topic of discussion when a friend stopped by for a visit earlier today. I still have my mom’s laundry basket full of books I was moving to a new spot in my room. It requires more sorting and a clearing of some shelves. Soon. I will do it soon. Mom wants the basket back and I want the visual freedom of fewer piles and fewer books waiting to be read.

I have an abundance of books, too many really, but I’m ready to get lost in a sea of words that are not my own. That is freeing too. And that is how I’ll prepare to keep writing and blogging in the weeks to come.

Read. Rest. Recharge. Ready the fingers and mind to write again.

What books do you read when you need to refuel your creativity? Or share a favorite book you love to reopen!

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