Today I continue the story of “Stuck at Home, part two”. Read the beginning of part two here.


The family vacation went on as planned. We didn’t leave early or attempt to see an unfamiliar doctor. I said I could make it, and I did. I was a bit miserable though. I couldn’t fully enjoy the time at the beach because my ankle hurt and I didn’t know what my doctor would tell me.

I made it home and I went to the orthopedist Friday morning. He took an x-ray and confirmed I had broken a bone.

Remember that time I tried to convince my doctor to postpone surgery when I was only eight? This time it worked.

I convinced him to not give me a cast. I already went through enough casts on my arms and legs every so often. I hated the process of removing them because the cast saw was scary. I was afraid of the heat and vibrations every time.

But this time the convincing worked. Maybe I was more persuasive as a 13 year old. I promised to wear my AFO day and night to protect my ankle and leg. (AFO stands for “ankle-foot orthotic” and I wear these during the day for standing and walking support.)

We returned home from the doctor with a recovery plan. Sadly the plan included staying home for a couple of months. I was unable to sit in my wheelchair. I couldn’t put the pressure on that leg.

So I didn’t get to start eighth grade with the normal excitement of a new school year. My first few weeks were spent in bed or on the couch with teachers sending assignments home. Thankfully I was used to the process and could keep up with the work. One of my classmates was also a neighbor and friend. He helped deliver notes, answer questions, and catch me up on things. I was glad for a little connection to the world I missed.

And I was glad to officially be welcomed to the eighth grade, even if I was a few weeks late. It was my first day and I was excited.


Continue on to read Part Three and the final story of feeling stuck at home.

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