“Whatever’s in front of me, help me to sing Hallelujah”

I just had my music on and these lyrics stood out. Whatever’s in front of me…guess that includes the storm I wrote about last week. But how do I do that when the hard situation still exists?

How do I sing praises in the middle of a hard thing?

The other question I’m realizing is this:

Where is my focus? What am I dwelling on?

Perspective is key and I don’t always give my heart time to catch up before I worry.

I face a difficulty and I immediately start trying to figure it out. I want to find my way around this challenge or determine what the “right” answer is.

What if there is no right or wrong?

Maybe I just need to make a choice. Take an action. Pick a path.

The main thing is I have to stay connected to God in order to understand where He is leading. I can try all these options or wait for a giant sense of clarity. But I’m seeing my definition of clarity is different than God’s.

I want a clear sign to the next step. God wants to gently nudge me in a direction. He calls me to the deeper trust, the stronger dependence on His ways, not mine.

Daily choices, or the decisions we make in a time of transition, are temporary. Any storm we face won’t last forever. Seasons will change again and again. All of these things are temporary. God is not. He is always there, always right here, in the middle of every situation.

Do I see Him?


Is He working?

Of course!

It’s time to let go of my power to figure it out and grab onto more of the courage He offers. When God is guiding, I can know it will be good.

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