After a rough start to the week yesterday and just feeling stuck in the middle of a hard situation, I took more time to rest and seek clarity on what to do. I didn’t find answers yet, but I took one step. I tried a direction because I still don’t know which way is the right way. I also realized I couldn’t do anything extra so I rescheduled a couple of phone meetings.

I needed space again to calm my heart. Then maybe the peace would start to return, the storm begin to pass.

I’m not sure the storm is going away that fast, but God knew how I was feeling. On the car ride to small group last night, the sky was beautiful. There were all kinds of cool looking clouds and the sun setting made the light reflect in an unusual way. And then I spotted a piece of a rainbow in the middle of a cloud. Just one streak right there above the road.

We hadn’t seen any rain or heard any thunder yesterday, but there was this rainbow. The whole sky reminded me of peace, patience, and promises.

God is pulling me to a new somewhere. Or pushing me there. I’m not ready. At least, I don’t think I am. Because these questions exist and these fears are following right behind.

In my small group, we are reading through Nicole Unice’s new book, Brave Enough. It speaks to all of us every week. And last night one part of the video stood out and I’ll summarize here: God doesn’t give us a flashlight and send us on our path alone. No, He wants to BE our Light. He shows us the way through the darkness.

Somehow I will get to this new “place”. God will turn on the light in my storm.

And it starts with a little more trust on my part, and patience mixed with action.

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