The word for the latest Five Minute Friday posts is “gift”. Here is my story.

She wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing purple. I didn’t think she would pay attention to those details. I had worn a purple dress the Sunday before and now I remember we had talked about it that week too.

She’s newer to our Sunday school class. She just started coming in recent weeks. And she’s four.

She’s a curious girl, as many of them are at this young age.

Maybe we are bonding over favorite colors and pretty dresses, but the questions typically continue and change. There is a deeper interest in her mind. She wants to know more and she’s trying to figure out what to ask and how. Then her understanding can grow.

This past week another question came to the surface: “Why don’t you wear high heels?”

“Well, I have to wear flat shoes.”

She’s not the only one asking me these kinds of questions. That’s one thing I love about being surrounded by some of the youngest kids at church. They share their hearts.

These conversations don’t usually last long, partly because we are in the middle of Sunday school and partly because their little minds are still churning with thoughts.

But whenever they come, I pause to answer. And I wish there was time to tell them more and hear more of what they are thinking.

It’s a gift to connect in this way and see what questions pop up and hear the responses. I learn from them as they learn from me. I can always count on more questions popping up on future Sunday mornings.

And I made a deal for next week — I’m wearing purple. Because she wants me to.

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