Traveling always involves a level of planning. Having a disability adds another layer. Some details have to be considered and researched before leaving home.

The biggest question is:
Which hotel seems to have the best accessibility options?

When looking into the accessibility of a room, it’s not just about the space being wheelchair-friendly or the bathroom having a different layout. Those details are important, especially for a trip longer than a weekend.

I need space to maneuver my wheelchair and a spot to park it while I sleep. I often squeeze the chair in between tables or in a corner, hopefully not blocking the walking area or the door to the bathroom. Sometimes this has been tricky in smaller rooms.

Goodbye, luggage rack. I need to park there.

I also need the higher toilet and the hand-held shower wand. Those accessible features make those things much easier.

But here is one thing you may not realize — Accessible rooms may only have ONE bed. A giant bed, but only one. You have to ask when booking the room because the hotel can assume you are fine with one bed. I don’t want to share a bed with my parents (or the companion / caregiver I’m traveling with).

I’ll take two beds, please. And if your accessible room has one, can I reserve a rollaway?

Sometimes I actually prefer the rollaway.

I have my reasons and I will share more of my tricks and tips next week.


How does your routine change when you travel? Do you have tricks for the road?

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