It was time to pull out the boots. The forecast said the temps would be in the upper 30s by mid-day and they mentioned a chance for snow showers. I guess I should get dressed like it’s winter, I tell myself. Because we are in the middle of January.

But just yesterday I wasn’t wearing a jacket or thinking about being cold. That’s what happens where I live. The weather can change from one day to the next and in a matter of hours.

I resist the change to winter for a time. Not because I hate the cold or don’t enjoy the snow. I can get really into the snow IF I’m planning to go out and play in it. Adults are allowed to hold on to the fun side of snow and remember the wonder of winter we knew as kids. For me, I love to take my wheelchair outside and plow through the snowy streets. Sure, I might get stuck or slide around, but that’s the point. And it’s freeing.

We didn’t get that much snow this morning and I started this post thinking about boots. My mind wandered…

Anyways, I wore my boots. My mom put them on my feet as we got ready for church. She stood me up from the bed to continue helping me get ready. The next part was walking to the bathroom to fix my hair, etc. I took a step and reconsidered the idea of wearing these boots.

I said to mom, “Hold on a sec. Let me get myself ready to walk. These boots are heavy.”

She waited until I took another step. I could make it. Even if I moved very slow.

This felt crazy. I was taking forever just to get to the next room. More thoughts, man my legs need some work. I didn’t think they were out of shape, but when it’s been almost a year since I’ve worn boots I can feel the difference.

It’s not quite that my legs are weak. It just takes them longer to adjust to a different pair of shoes and boots are definitely a different kind. Compared to my everyday shoes, boots weigh more and there is a slight heel. These details may not matter to you, but I think about these details. I have someone hold my arm when I walk so that adds stability and a sense of security.

But I’m still the one walking. I’m the one getting myself to the next room. Whatever shoes I put on, my legs will hopefully get me there.

And when I leave the house, I typically ride in my wheelchair. Sitting down with boots is the easy part. I wondered if I’d change right when I got home from church. I didn’t, you guys.

My mom asked me more than once, “Are you ready to take off your boots?”

“No, I think I’ll keep them on.”

It’s 9pm and the boots are still on my feet. It won’t be much longer.

Today I accepted the challenge to build my leg muscles a little more. It was time to begin. And I also realized it was time to bring back the blog.

I’ve missed the active writing and I’m working on new plans for this new year. I’ll reveal details and thoughts on where I’m heading and how you can join me.

For now, I’m excited to welcome some real winter weather with my boots on…to report that my walking sped up after church with my boots on…and I was finally ready to blog with my boots on.


This is my first post for 2016 and I gladly join other writers in the Five Minute Friday community, sharing thoughts on “Time”. Read my past posts here.

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