I don’t really want to leave you with the sadness of the longest ride home, but it’s impossible to tell you everything that college meant to me in “five minutes”. And there were plenty of good things at home, lots of fun times were coming with new friends and old.

It’s just friendships as adults wouldn’t be the same. They would take longer, especially since the 20s are a transitional phase. You might get to know someone for a little while and then they move. Or you meet people at work, but the relationships may or may not turn into friendships outside of the office. Or something changes and you get a new job.

Community is what I knew I’d really miss after living on the college campus. The people right outside my door and those down the hill in other dorms I loved to visit.

Here I go again, reminiscing…can you tell I have quite a few college stories?

They were good years.

Now I’ll give you a short summary (because I technically ran out of time for today’s post):

I did find another great community right here at home. My family and my church. They were waiting for me to return and make this place my home again.

I admit it took me a long while to adjust, but life after college meant a different kind of possibility.

That summer I prepared for the start of a new season…the one that leads to adulthood, where the old meshes with the new. I stayed in touch with friends and made space for the people I would meet.

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