A safe or peaceful place. That’s one definition for haven — the word of the day.

What comes to mind? Where do you run? What place brings you peace or rest?

I used to go to a certain corner of the local Panera. All the employees that knew me knew my favorite spot. But my haven has changed. I don’t go there as often.

Sometimes I just need more time at home. Full days and over-scheduled weeks catch up. My body eventually tells me to rest. Slow down. Give it time to recover from being on the go. Then maybe my brain can rest as well.

One night last week I couldn’t go to sleep. I was writing and rewriting a post in my head. The words would not stop. In a way, this is great. The creativity sure was flowing, but I was in the bed. I was not about to call my parents to come put my braces and shoes back on so I could write again. I hoped the words would still be there in the morning. Even if I didn’t rest well that night. It worked. I wrote those words the next day.

This week I realized I needed rest. And lots of it. I wouldn’t push myself or plan too much. I slept in one day. Went to bed early another. When energy is low, I learn to focus on the most important task for that day. What can wait?

I might wish to go to Panera in order to write more, plan more, etc. Doing and going doesn’t always bring peace. Slowing down at times can. And that’s how I learn to adapt to a new haven.

Sometimes my haven is my room. Sometimes it’s a spot in the living room, where I can spread out papers and leave technology for a bit. And sometimes my haven is the couch. Then I can physically rest as I read a book or do nothing. My brain needs “off time” for all the other “on times”.

How do you rest? Where is your haven?

This was inspired by the Five Minute Friday word: HAVEN.

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