Recently a friend and I talked and thought about the past year. We saw a common theme in our lives. We had watched God work through unexpected storms. There are times I call the storms “mountains” because it can feel impossible to climb the obstacle in front of us. Can we make it over the mountain? Do we have the strength to climb? Yes, we knew it to be true.

We can weather storms and climb mountains.

God carries us through all seasons, strengthens and prepares us for what is coming, and takes us to new “places.” The place can be literal, like Raleigh. Or it can be symbolic, representing an internal journey. That journey leads us to a place of growth. In the process, we find out we will get to the other side…stronger, braver, confident in who we are and how God sees us.

The past couple of weeks I took you on my trip to Raleigh. I re-lived the story as I told it to you, even feeling the post-trip fog again. I physically traveled to the conference, but the internal journey continued once I was home.

I learned how to bring the newness of “Raleigh” into now. So what did that look like?

  • Well, I felt more comfortable with my dream for marriage one day. I had conversations inviting friends into that topic. I need people to support and believe in it with me. I need and want prayer just as much as someone without a disability.
  • And I found opportunities to practice independence at home. Whether it was time with just my siblings, my parents celebrating a special occasion on their own, or me going on an overnight adventure with friends and having the freedom to stay out till midnight…We created the space for more new experiences.

At the end of the conversation, my friend left me with these wise words,

“Your journey throughout the year may not be external.
Your journey can be internal, discovering who you are
IN Christ through your storms of life.”

Let’s end this season well, remembering God is faithful. No matter what.

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