There’s a funny thing about expectations. We don’t always know which ones to hold onto and which ones we need to lay down. Even in the past week I have seen how God wants me to let go of expectations and open my eyes to see what He is doing. It’s often not what we expect. But it’s often what we need in that moment.

I didn’t expect so much frustration with a health question. Something popped up and I wasn’t very happy. Ongoing health stuff can be hard because I value my health. I expect my body to feel well and keep up with what I want to do.

My heart needed reminders of joy before it got stuck and distracted. It was a surprise to me when I had extra time to catch up with a friend at 3 different events last weekend. Apparently we both needed that connection, those moments to laugh and feel deep joy. Things felt messy in one area of life, but that didn’t have to cloud everything else.

There were other ways God surprised me. Like the two girls who gave me giant hugs at our church picnic. They said nothing, but they opened their arms wide. I said, “Thank you.” And I let that push more of my frustrations to the side. I was making room for peace to return. There was also the friend who came up. We both confessed, “I wish we were having small group this week.” So we made plans to meet and have a night out to just chat about life.

Eventually the frustration over my health became much smaller. I didn’t have to worry. I just needed to rest and remember to trust. God is still working. Answers eventually come. And I can be surprised as I leave some expectations behind and pick up the gifts of God’s goodness.

This was inspired by the word of the day: EXPECT. Check out the Five Minute Friday community. And come back Tuesday. Because I’m not done exploring expectations.

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