This whole year I’ve been working to heal my body and find freedom within a new set of limitations. It was hard, but I knew it would be worth the effort, worth the commitment. And the hope of feeling better while slowly redefining my limits kept me going.

Some of the process has been related to food and what my body can or can’t tolerate right now. But it goes beyond food. I’m learning to pay attention to other factors, like sleep, stress, and the social calendar.

I don’t have an endless supply of energy. I’m way more introverted than I used to be. Don’t get me wrong — I can be outgoing and brought to life by people and certain settings. I have my times of talking a lot. But I reach my limit. I need that space again. The silence to rest my mind and prepare for the next thing.

If I don’t take that night off or that day to do nothing and go nowhere, then I’ll be much less focused. I’ll feel more disconnected from the conversation, the person, the task.

The more I try to go, the harder the crash of energy…and the longer it takes for my body to rest.

I’m still practicing the art of resting well and understanding the freedom of knowing my limits. It goes back to saying no in order to say yes to what we really need in that moment.

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