Sometimes God wants us to say yes when we scream no.

Sometimes we say yes when we should have said no.

Sometimes we say yes without much thinking.

Sometimes we think too long before we say yes.

Looking back on recent years I see the power that comes with saying a yes, even a hesitant one. I might be afraid to start that new thing because I have no idea what it looks like or where it will lead.

So often we don’t know those answers. This is the scary part: saying yes to the path we can’t see.

But you know what? God sees the whole journey.

When I say yes, I can say yes to His plans. Yes to trusting Him more. Yes to letting go of my power and holding on to His strength.

When I start trusting God in the small day-to-day details, I can rest more in what He has for my future.

Maintaining trust is probably one of my biggest struggles. It all goes back to my physical limitations and need for others.

The other side of trust is fear and it’s not good to listen to fear. It’s unwise to let fear guide my emotions and direct the way I live my life.

I’ve learned more about having a confident yes and moving forward in excitement. Because good things do come.

Here’s an example:

I said yes to teaching young kids at church 3 1/2 years ago. Tomorrow I’m back with my kids again and they’re all heading to kindergarten. There is so much joy in seeing those kids every Sunday. For now, I just can’t stop.

This is one of those I’m-so-glad-I-said-YESes.

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