From the beginning, I never had a doubt I could get better. I just knew something wasn’t right. Even my friends noticed at this point. You might think I’m talking about my physical disability or a challenge that came in childhood because of the Arthrogryposis. Nope. This is another story.

I’m not here to tell you all the details and overwhelm you with health stuff, but I want to share a few things.

First, I started developing thyroid disease about 4 years ago. It was the summer of 2011 and I was exhausted all the time. I can’t blame it on the exertion of doing lots of physical therapy anymore because I “graduated” from that when I finished high school. My closest friends just knew I was “off” and not myself.

Fast forward. The diagnosis came. I’ve been taking thyroid medicine every day for over 3 years now. Before that point, I was taking nothing regularly. Sure, I tried to take my vitamins, but I’d had a love / hate relationship with them, especially if they were pills. That’s another side note that we don’t need to address today.

Second, food intolerances followed and grew. I’ve always been pretty in tune with my body. In a way, I have to be. I need to know how my body works so I can understand my limits and my capabilities. Plus I have to be able to explain things to others for numerous reasons.

Third, I was on a mission to feel as well as I could despite the new challenges. This pushed me to seek answers and the right people to help me along the way. I wanted to be myself again without these extra “problems”.

Isn’t Arthrogryposis enough?

Aren’t there plenty of challenges in my everyday world?

Why did I get thyroid disease?

Why do I have multiple food intolerances, some of which seem permanent?

I don’t know and I’ve wondered these questions. These are some of the whys I have asked in recent years.

Thankfully I am better. A lot better actually. This year has brought me to a place of healing and I’m still on the journey. God is still leading me along the path that is my life. Nowadays it just includes more talk about nutrition, meal planning, and caring for my whole body.

I share this part of my story with you because it has been a hard one to live. In so many ways.

These somewhat invisible ailments affected my already limited body. Maybe it was easy for me to accept the Arthrogryposis because I was born with it. I knew no other way. But thyroid disease and food issues? That meant more limitations on top of my major lack of muscles.

Would I get used to this new normal and learn to thrive again?

The answer is yes. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I’ve been determined and trusting God to bring me back to wholeness and health.

And that is what He has done and continues to do.

I’m not saying I haven’t doubted because I have. And I’ve cried more earlier this year. I thought another new problem was being added to the mix and I couldn’t handle it. Not another layer.

I may never know all the whys. But this I know — there are obstacles in life. Sometimes we are born with them. And sometimes we are not. The same is true for limits.

What will the limits teach us? How will we navigate the obstacles we face?


This started out as a post for Five Minute Friday (yes, I know it’s Tuesday), but I couldn’t stop until my thoughts were out. And then I realized, I’m a writer…the thoughts keep coming as long as my fingers are moving. So I will tell you more stories another day.

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