The word for this week’s Five Minute Friday post is Change. I wrote what came to mind and it also turned into an update on Focus, my One Word for 2014. I’m linking up with others sharing about their One Word as well.

This year I have struggled to keep up with writing and reaching goals I unofficially set. I paused blogging for many months because I just couldn’t handle it. I had lost my focus and that was supposed to be my “One Word” for 2014.

I tried to pick up the pieces and post on the blog early in the summer. I still wasn’t focused. Figuring out some health questions continued to be a priority and July was consumed with appointments. There are a few more to come in the fall, but that is okay.

I see how my season of seeking is turning into a season of creating again.

My perspective has changed throughout the month of August. With the help of a writing group friend asking me hard questions, I am finding my focus. I am making time to write, even if that means working through small exercises to understand the bigger picture in my life. What do I want to say? What stories need to be told? How can I focus on this and live life at the same time?

The underlying question has been: what needs to change? How can I change the way I do things in order to focus on writing? How can I structure my days, these weeks that add up to months, to encourage progress?

When I look back on the year, I do see a change. I may not have been actively writing or blogging, but some of the work is behind the scenes. A lot of the journey is done in the space of my room. Or the quiet workings of my heart, where I learn more and more…how to be a writer…how to share what is written…how to keep going and follow The Storyteller of all our lives.

For me, that can mean one word after another after another. On and on the words may go. Some see the light of day. Some stay hidden just for my eyes. Some are saved for later or tossed aside…until I decide it’s time to edit and change what I have written. Because these words just might make it to the work-in-progress. Or maybe added to the blog before I change my mind.

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