The topic of letting go could point to a number of things. For now, we’ll talk about sorting again. I’ve mentioned it off and on this year because I have a strong desire to get rid of stuff. Not in a bad way, like I don’t care about my belongings. No, this is just another way to more freedom.

I can be overwhelmed by the extra piles around and burdened by every project I know I’m not working on when I choose something else over it. Those other projects are still in the back of my mind or stacking up in my craft corner. Then there’s no room to effectively work, no space to spread out.

So part of the sorting has been to realize I no longer want to focus on multiple hobbies. I found knitting that I started in college when my mom taught a friend and I how to cast on stitches for a scarf. It was fun at the time, but my pink scarf stayed on those needles for years. Until we just removed them back in the winter and I returned the yarn and needles to my mom. Thanks for the lesson, mom, but I’ll let you do all the knitting.

There are plenty of other things I’d rather do. Or need to do. Like sewing. Or writing. Or deciding to do a daily blog challenge.

I’ve also quit scrapbooking as a whole. I sorted big piles and minimized the memorabilia. This is how far behind one can get in scrapbooking…some of those piles were from college.

Of course, I’m keeping photos. I just can’t spend the time and energy right now to decorate every page with stickers and captions.

I’m letting go of this piece of who I used to be so I can be more ready for the stories I live in today.

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