It started out as a simple sorting project. I found an old box in my closet full of church bulletins. I don’t really need them and I’m not sure why I saved every single one for years. The sermon notes I find are not that detailed. These bulletins go back to my college days and teen years…meaning there was a lot I didn’t know or understand, especially in my youth. I’m sure I tried to pay attention in church as a teenager, but my heart probably wasn’t always fully engaged. That is evident by the lack of notes and the occasional words exchanged between friends or my brothers.

“What’s wrong?”
“How can I get both of our communion stuff?”
“I thought it was going to be something serious!”

“I really like your hair! But I miss your long hair!”

“When did you put that sticker on your brace?”
“Last week.”

“I like your dress.”
“Thanks! I like yours too.”

I laugh at some of the things I find, like the conversations above and the Sunday I drew a picture because it was my mom’s birthday. Other things stir up fun memories of youth retreats, pizza parties, our church breaking ground at a new property, friends leaving and returning from mission trips. Then there are the sad pieces…names of so many people who are no longer with us, including my grandmother.

I flip through the pages, partly for fun and partly as a way to process those years again. The memories are still there, but this box is on its way out.

More papers. More stuff.

I’m on a mission for less.


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