Remember the call—
make disciples
of all.

Go means gather,
see who exists
beyond the wall
the stranger,
the marginalized,
ones the world
leaves behind.

Please don’t wait
for us to arrive.
We might be late;
We may be stuck,
feeling forlorn
or forgotten,
inferior to all.

Please don’t compare
limits we bear,
quietly hidden
or the kind we wear.

Embody real love—
and tell.
Tell us we matter;
Show us you care.
Tell us you’d rather
ignore those who deny
and dehumanize.

Show us we’re wanted,
invited in,
where all
are called

With the words we chatter
and the way we gather,
let us show,
and tell.
Tell the rest
it’s time,
time to stand
side by side.

I see you; you see me.
Let’s restore humanity.

Open the door—
the Body needs more.


“The Body Needs More” imagines the intersection of disability, humanity, belonging, and the body of Christ. I am asking you to step into the experience of disability and see exclusion as well as inclusion from a different perspective. In the weeks to come, I want us to explore what it means to include people with disabilities in the life of the Church.

Keep in mind the goal of inclusion is belonging. But what does belonging look like? Can it be measured, or is it a feeling? What Christian practices are needed? How does disability fit in the Body of Christ? This series will answer these questions and more.

The Church can be the place where no one is a stranger. However, this has not always been the case. Next week I will share why. Let’s keep learning and growing together.

Reflect on Your Own
When did you last feel like a stranger?
Consider your connection(s) to the experience of disability. Note anyone who comes to mind, whether they are in your family, a current friend, or part of your wider circle.

Refer to Scripture
Read the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment:
Matthew 28:18-20 and Mark 12:28-31.

Respond with Action
Send a simple text. If you know someone with a disability, reach out and check in. The three words “how are you?” can be the connection to the outside world that a person needs, especially while the pandemic rages on. This reminds them they are not alone.

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