I thought I would take a break from writing today. Just rest. Not quit or really pause the blogging, but give myself a day off. I have had a lot on my mind as I’m pondering ideas for the blog’s future, looking at the piles I’ve left on my desk for too many days now, and absorbing a book I just finished. I need to sit with all of these thoughts and define a kind of action plan as I welcome summer again.

At the same time, I need to create the space to turn off the more intense mental activity. It can get in the way of real rest.

As much as I can want to refuse this real rest, I can only push myself so far. Then something happens.

My body reminds me. My health reminds me. My God reminds me.

I try to make plans and they don’t work out.

I start a project and can’t get in the flow.

I open a book and don’t remember the page I just read.

All signs and reminders to slow down. Because some days, whatever I’m trying to begin just isn’t working. Often I need a do-over at that point. I most likely didn’t start the day or week off well — in the rhythm of time with God first — so I can recenter my heart and refocus my plans. And hope to be on the same page with what God has for me that day, that week.

I scrolled through Facebook today and saw a friend’s post about welcoming a new physical limitation and a time of unexpected rest. There was that word again. REST. Rest has already been on my heart in recent weeks. I wrote the following words to my friend and knew I was declaring what I’m currently learning “out loud”:

Lately I’ve been making my days slower because I’m seeing mental and emotional busyness can wear us out a lot. And then I’m distracted spiritually. The lesson of being still before God is hard and constant.

I process thoughts as I write and talk. And this one was telling me — I can’t run away from the rest I need. Or the rest God is calling me to.

What reminds you to slow down? How do you practice BEing still before God?

This post was written for Five Minute Friday’s word: REST.

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