My mom just told me I used to whisper at church when I shared the word for today’s post. She’s probably thinking about my childhood and teen years when I’d whisper in the middle of the service… because I was hungry, because I wanted to chat with a friend or a brother, because I wasn’t really paying attention. The whisper pointed to what distracted me.

I still find myself whispering during church some Sundays. There are different reasons. And this is when it’s OK to whisper:

  1. I’ve decided I need my glasses on or they need adjusting.
  2. It’s time to reach for my notebook and pen or the pen stops working.
  3. A hair falls on me and it’s driving me crazy. True story. This happens all the time and I’m pretty sure my sense for touch is super heightened.
  4. I need to leave the service for some reason and I can’t go by myself.

These feel like random thoughts, I know. But it’s what comes to mind. My parents and I have our Sunday morning routine, but other needs pop up and I’ll have to whisper. Not everyone can read lips and not even my parents can predict each little scenario of when to offer assistance.

I also realize other people may need help in the middle of church and the only option is to whisper to the person next to you. The family member or friend or visitor you haven’t met yet.

I do my best to speak quietly or wave my bulletin until my parents notice. And whenever I whisper, I hope I only have to do it once.

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