When I think about my life, it can be funny to realize the moments that stand out. They’re not always the ones you’d imagine. Sometimes it is a big event or reaching a milestone, but other times it’s a small part of a chapter we remember. There are always the times of loss, the times of unending questions, the times of health struggles, the times of doubt, the times of news we don’t want to hear, the times of loneliness, the times we wonder when the current season will change. Life is full of hard things, stuff we’d rather ignore some days.

But there are lots and lots of joys in life. So many reasons to celebrate. So many gifts to be thankful for. As a writer, I can sit here (actually I stand to do most of my work) and reflect on the abundance of good memories and, of course, those hard ones.

But can I know deep joy without experiencing some degree of difficulty?

I’m not sure I can because I see how God has taught me through every kind of season in life.

In the rougher times, I’ve learned to look for the daily joys and thank God for them. Those are a kind of blessing from the Father to his beloved child. They add up in my heart and offer a kind of strength to get me through another day.

During the happier seasons, I may overflow with gratefulness and the evidence of God’s goodness, but I have to be careful not to forget.

Not to forget the hard days He may have already brought me through.

And not to forget my need for Him. I can start to rely on those around me for my joy, my hope, my motivation.

I have to remember my God first. He is the only one who stays the same.

All of these things in life — every single good or bad day — affect me in some way.

I am being changed. I’m constantly growing. I am no longer the same.


This was written as a part of the Five Minute Friday community.

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