The past few months have quickly disappeared. I filled my time with the Do Summer challenge along with the normal, everyday things. They say the older you get, the faster time flies. I don’t want to talk about the end of another year yet, okay? Can we stay focused on the fact that it’s still October?

I don’t like rushing away the weeks and months. It can make me more stressed in the now and worried that I will never finish fill-in-the-blank by a particular date or deadline.

Like the sewing. I didn’t work on much over the summer because I was focused on the writing and sorting. Those felt more important in that moment. Sorting my stuff and freeing myself from the extra clutter is good in the long term. Writing and, even blogging daily through this month, provides new clarity and a stronger discipline for the future.

There’s not much we can fly through if we want to gain a deeper perspective and see growth.

I can’t hurry my way through the hard situation because it requires wisdom and that takes a bit of time.

On a lighter note, I’m stuck in the sorting project. Books are next. I started to try about a month ago, but I have a hard time letting go of books. The reading experience of fingers turning pages and eyes following words on paper instead of screen is special. I bought a small kindle last year for car rides and easy reading when I’m sitting in my wheelchair, but I’ll never fully give up books. I remember more as I slowly take in a story. I find joy in stepping away from technology and finding my next book to read.

And you know what? Sometimes it feels like I’m strengthening my arm muscles as I hold a big book up on my lap. They can be heavy, but I don’t mind growing stronger physically as well as mentally.

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