Can we pause for a minute and celebrate as summer officially comes to a close this week?

Back in June I thought my summer season would be quiet, restful… I didn’t know exactly what I would do, but some time was opening up.

My small group at church takes a break and Sunday school teachers have the summer off to refuel for the fall. The transition can be hard in a way. I wouldn’t see those smiling four year olds every week and I might run into friends less often. I was still looking forward to a time of REST.

Before I realized it, I signed up for a “DO Summer” Challenge with Jon Acuff. He’s pretty inspiring when it comes to taking action towards a dream or pursuing your passion. And I like a good challenge.

So I printed out the worksheet and made plans to work on my “skills”. I started with writing and then I added sorting and sewing. I’ve been in a major sorting mood all year. For every 15 minutes I worked on a skill, I colored in a box. I had fun with it.

Let’s just say I didn’t get much sewing done yet. The writing took over my summer when I began the series on Arthrogryposis Awareness. And the sorting is taking over my sewing corner. It will all get done eventually so I can have the space to sew again.

And my summer was full of good things…like weekly trips to the farmers’ market, visits from friends, way fewer doctor appointments, plenty of Panera dates, walking adventures, and a new job.

I didn’t finish everything I wanted to finish, but here’s one lesson I’m learning:

Lots of things in life take longer than we first imagined.

Writing, sorting, and sewing all take time. Friendships, especially as adults, take time. Any kind of growth and healing takes time.

Now I’m excited to welcome the fall season. A chance to do new things and carry on where summer left off.

This was a Five Minute Friday post on the word “celebrate“.

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