The status of the world is hard to comprehend, hard to embrace, hard to feel real. But it is real. It’s strange, and sadly, the pandemic threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We want to know when this will be over. We ask, in our hearts or out loud, How long?

In the midst of it all, I’m more aware of the importance of prayer. So much is out of our control. We sit on the edge of unknowns. How should we pray? What do we ask God for?

Let’s turn our worry moments into warrior moments. Prayer is powerful. When someone or something comes to mind, PAUSE and PRAY.


Pray for your community.

The family you can’t quite walk to visit or living in other states.

The friends you call your people.

The ones you haven’t talked to in months.

The neighbors to get to know new faces as we wave or speak from a distance.

Pray for families.

The parents struggling to do school and/or juggling work at home now.

The kids struggling to accept the end of the school year.

Pray for leaders.

Of cities, states, businesses, schools, churches.

I have to imagine hearts are heavy and decisions are difficult.

Pray for healthcare workers and first responders.

Think of doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters.

These are the ones closest to the fight.

Pray for the vulnerable.

Think of the sick, isolated, unemployed, disabled, elderly.

Pray for those away from home, like missionaries or the military.

Pray for those in your home.

Pray for your own needs.


We will get through these difficult days. This strange season will change eventually. (If you have specific prayer needs, please feel free to reach out. To me or to someone in your community.)

We are apart for now, yet not alone.

We are hanging on the edge, yet holding on to hope.

We can leave our fears at the feet of Jesus and let Him strengthen our faith.

We can stand firm because God is in control during this time and always.

P.S. You can also download this prayer guide to use with your daily devotions.

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